Friday, April 22, 2011


I don't know why, but this morning a heavy burden has been placed on my heart.  I cannot stop thinking about the babies, children, teenagers and even adults who are without earthly parents to love on them and guide them through life.  When I say I have a heavy heart today, I mean I'm shedding tears. And I'm not totally sure why.   I've already mentioned that we are going to Ukraine in May, so this place is especially in the forefront of my mind today.  I want to be there now. Like, yesterday now. And it's so frustrating because there's nothing I can do about it. I cannot wait to love on the children there and hopefully show them a glimpse of God's love for them.  I pray that God is already preparing their hearts like he is mine.  Our purpose for the trip will be to paint the orphanage, but I know God has bigger plans than that.  And I pray that we continue to share God's love with spiritual orphans every day until then and every day after.  The children stuck in an orphanage may not have hope that they will physically be adopted here on earth one day, but EVERYONE has the opportunity and the hope that they can be adopted through Christ and have an eternal Father who will love them more than anyone ever could. They have a Father, they just may not know it yet. And it's our goal and purpose to tell them.

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