Sunday, April 15, 2012

5k for 5 months

Yesterday, Tanner and I participated in our first 5k race! I have been wanting to start doing races, in hopes of one day doing a half marathon, for about a year now.  I  could never talk Tanner into signing up for one - until I was 5 months pregnant.  For some reason, he thought it was good timing. Typical. I say for "some" reason when I know what the real reason was. Two words. Ice cream. That boy will do anything for some ice cream. The race we did was the Blue Bell Fun Run and the only thing fun about it was the free blue bell ice cream at the end! It was in Brenham, which is actually the school district I work for, so I was familiar with the area. The Blue Bell factory is in Brenham and sponsored the race to raise money for all of the school athletics. (Hence the free ice cream at the end) It ended up being a big race, with over 4,000 participants. Which is huge considering the ice cream factory is about the only thing in the town! The course was extremely hilly, making it 10 times harder than I thought it'd be. Granted, we haven't been training or anything, and I'm about 10 lbs heavier than I normally am with a baby inside of me - both of which MIGHT have contributed to the difficulty level.  At any rate, Tanner did great! I don't remember our times, but I do know that his time was faster than the male average for the race. My time was actually right around the female average - which I'm totally OK with....for now. We had a lot of fun and definitely want to do more races in the future!

                                                           my 5 month picture

this was the first of five ice creams for Tanner =)

the group from our church that did the race