Monday, September 12, 2011

one week

Well, it's been one week since we have been official residents of Texas.  OK, technically, it's been one week and 1 1/2 days, but this is the first time I've had the chance to sit down and write, so it's the best I got.  Life has been a whirlwind since we got here! But I thought I'd make a list of the top 7 things I've learned so far (one for each day of the week we've been here). Here is it:

Day 1 - Saturday --> Texas has some stupid rules.  The story: I had to get fingerprinted for my new job.  A set had to be given to my company and a set had to be given to the State Dept. of Education.  Well, they gave me the option of doing it electronically inside the state of Texas or they could mail me a kit.  At this point, we still had a month to go in Mississippi, so I figured the mailing was the best bet.  BONK. wrong answer.  I never received the kit in the mail and a week before we moved I called and had to set up a time to get it done electronically once we got there.  I say I called.  I did call - 27 times - but they NEVER answered. And 27 is not an exaggerated number. So I had to do it online.  Apparently everyone and their mother who lives in Texas likes to get fingerprinted because there was only one time slot open on Saturday and it was in Houston at 1:40pm.  Therefore, we had to LEAVE at 630am to get there on time.  Not to mention the fact that we had to drive through a Tropical Storm the entire way.  SOOO, we get there right on time after almost getting blown off the face of the earth and Tanner has to walk Maverick around a parking lot while I go inside.  Turns out - they would only do one set because I only had one appointment. And something about she couldn't type in the code that was on the piece of paper I handed her.  Sheesh. Let me get there at your computer and I'll type in the stinkin code! (I was not a happy camper, might I add) But, I kept my emotional breakdown to myself and yelled at her calmly asked her what I needed to do because without this fingerprint I could not start my job on Tuesday. and Monday was a holiday so they were closed. and we were from MS. and our new home was 1 1/2 hours from Houston. Ends up, we just had to drive back down there Tuesday after work (I just wasn't allowed to service kids) and get it all done. So, first memory of Texas = you have stupid rules.  But in all honesty, the lady was very nice and genuinely wished there was something she could have done about it - she even called her boss to make sure!
Day 2 - Sunday -->  First Baptist Church Bryan, Texas has some amazing people.  We really already knew this, but Sunday was just amazing.  We were overwhelmed at the opening of hearts and homes to us.  A sub-lesson under this one is Everyone needs a MeMe.  This lady at church, known as MeMe (she says she used to have another name, but has forgotten it), immediately (in the welcome line after the service) invited us over for ice cream Sunday afternoon.  Of course, my husband cannot pass up an opportunity for ice cream! While there, we had a wonderful visit getting to know a little about her and she offered to be our grandmother away from home.  I had to fight back the tears.  She reminded me so much of my great aunt whom I was named after and miss so much.
Day 3 - Monday --> Bryan has really good parks.  It's apparently a rule here in town that for every new neighborhood, or few blocks, or something like that, they have to put in a public park.  Best rule ever. (Ok, so maybe not all Texas rules are stupid) They all have a walking track, playground and splash pad! Since we both had the day off, we went and found a pretty large park and walked Maverick around and swung on the swingset.  Not kidding. =)
Day 4 - Tuesday --> I'm not good at new jobs. I am not the outgoing personality that is good and starting a new job and automatically feeling plugged in and comfortable.  I like having a history there and knowing everyone and everyone knowing me.  Or at least having SOMEONE i know to ask stupid questions like Where's the bathroom? or What in the world am I doing here?
Day 5 - Wednesday --> I take my GPS for granted.  Our phones had been all out of whack here since our carrier is a regional company (Cellular South) and had NO service whatsoever.  Well, this was the first time I drove straight from work back home.  Should be easy enough to backtrack, right? ummm, not when you are new to town and directionally challenged! Duh, Emily. Our phones are our GPS and it just so happened that mine had no service when I took the wrong turn - all 4 of them. But I eventually found my way back home =)
Day 6 - Thursday --> apparently my brain died on this day because I remember nothing
Day 7 - Friday --> I started functioning again and learned that the food options are overwhelming. Tanner's parents came in town to visit and trying to decide where to eat was so nervewracking! We had eaten at someone's house every night so far so we hadn't had a chance to try any of the restaurants.  Looking at the map of options I just couldn't handle it.  We chose a Barbeque place called Rudy's. Good choice. Definitely had the college town feel to it and made me miss those days (sort of).

All in all, it's been a good first week.  Even though I am terribly homesick, I am looking forward to what the weeks ahead hold for us.